Manual or Manipulative Therapy

Manual therapy basically means ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment and as a term can be used to describe a broad range of treatments including but not limited to joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, and muscle energy techniques.

Our expert physiotherapists are able to manipulate or mobilise your joints in a similar way that a chiropractor would if it something that they feel you need. The most important question you should ask yourself though is why does it need manipulating in the first place? Cracking joints is easy - making you feel like you don’t need cracking is the real trick.

In Canada physiotherapists who have completed extensive, internationally recognized post-graduate education in orthopaedics (muscle, nerve and joint problems), earn the right to become Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT). This training focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of complicated muscle, nerve and joint problems through manual therapy.

All of Brickyard Physiotherapy’s therapists have this designation or are actively working towards it. There are only five practicing physiotherapists in Nanaimo with this designation; three of them work at Brickyard Physiotherapy!

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